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Tuncer Tonun wins Britain’s Top Designer Award

On the 16th of February 9 designers were vying for the prestigious Britain’s Top Designer Award hosted by Fashions Finest at the Congress Centre, Great Russel Street, London.

The show was presented by TV and Radio presenter Laura Naylor, who flew in from Dubai taking a short sabbatical from her stint at Radio2 UAE.

Helen Kaye, Mary Dickow, Kepaza, Louisa Moody, Misora Nakamori, April Banbury, Joyce Pilarsky, Tuncer Tonun, and sustainable designer presented their collection in front of industry judges stylist to he stars Bernard Connolly, celebrity and fashion photographer Joe Alvarez, fashion editor and media personality Sarah Mulindwa and TV presenter and stylist Nicky Hambleton-Jones.

The Britain’s Top Designer winner Tuncer Tonun was announced by Fashions Finest director Deborah St Louis who presented him with the award. The first runner-up Misora Nakamori and second runner-up went to Joyce Pilarsky from the Philipines.

Attending: Heather Bird, Sarah Mulindwa, Sandi Bogle, Robyn Bevan, Rick Stevens, Joe Alvarez, Tamara Alvarez, Nicky Hambleton-Jones, Sheila Bonnick and Simon Gross.

Britain’s Top Designer Award partners were: Fashion Enter, AOFMPro, BerkshireBeauty, David Rae Salons, British Style Society, Ikon Magazine, Julie Bryan, Scienthealth, Ikon London Magazine and

Founded by Deborah St. Louis, the Fashions Finest showcases during London Fashion Week was launched in 2010 following on from the set up of the Fashions Finest magazine in 2009. Since its inception Fashions Finest has been promoting the diverse spectrum of the national and international fashion industry with a primary focus on British designers.

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