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Maison Rami Kadi Fall Winter 2023/24 Couture Collection Film Noir: An Ode to Classic Glamour and Intrigue

Rooted in a timeless adoration and steeped in the captivating charm of old Hollywood, Maison Rami Kadi’s Fall/Winter 2023/2024 couture collection, "Film Noir,” is a symbolic love letter to a period of creativity and compelling storytelling.

 Crystal-adorned corsets and netted pearls set the stage for the lavish spirit that defines this mesmerizing collection. Intricate embroidery, elaborate beading, and sequin embellishments trace geometric lines across the dresses, complemented by clear tassels and teardrops that evoke a sense of dramatic magnetism. Voluminous collars and shoulders suggest silhouettes reminiscent of old Hollywood and the magic of its feminine allure. Film Noir is a manifestation of the designer’s draw to this classic era. “I wanted to breathe life into this fascination of mine, and of so many other artists, I’m 

RAmi Kadi  Noir Filmsure” explains Rami Kadi. “Film Noir is a tribute to the era's irreplaceable charm. It’s a blurring ofthe lines that separate us from this bygone era.” The collection showcases 31 couture gowns that blend sleek contours and structured forms, each meticulously crafted to showcase unique design elements. Figure-hugging dresses emphasize the feminine form with strong shoulders and nipped-in waists. Carefully chosen Pantone colors imbue the collection with a sense of elegance and sophistication. Pink Tint, Shifting Sand, and Silver Peony are among the colors that complement the collection's overall aesthetic and highlight its timeless appeal. The belle of the film and star of the show is the crystal-embroidered bridal dress. Bathed in the warm spotlight of glamour and adorned with an air of timeless class, this dress embodies the spirit of this nostalgic eraRAMI KADI Fall Winter 23 24 while exuding modern sophistication. Crystals hang from the delicate gloves like droplets of dew, creating an iridescent display that mirrors the elegance of the era. A sea of Swarovski pieces forms a radiant headpiece, creating rays that shine outward, much like the bride herself, who is the epicenter of this show-stopping ensemble. eirut, Lebanon – T: +961 1 614 220 – Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie obsługi JavaScript. Facebook This journey through time crescendos with a grand unveiling that captures the essence of Hollywood glam. Like a monochrome film reel springing to life, the collection makes its debut on a fully black, rain-lit stage. The stark contrasts of the runway mimic the chiaroscuro light play characteristic of Film Noir, as models draped in couture masterpieces glide under a spotlight that chases their every move. Adding an element of nostalgia, screens flanking the runway reveal behind-the-scenes footage from the atelier, coupled with subtle sounds of fabric being cut, embroidered, and sewn – a symphony of craftsmanship that echoes the painstaking creation of each gown. The immersive runway show was launched live on Instagram on July 6, 2023, marking the debut of Maison Rami Kadi’s Film Noir. “Instagram allows us to reach our audience directly, to bring the mystique and charm of our collection into their lives, wherever they may be. Just as Hollywood was the epicenter of allure and style in the noir era, Instagram is now the stage where the modern spectacle of fashion plays out. It's our way of bringing old Hollywood glamour into the digital age, merging the past and present in an experience that's as immersive as it is unique.” Head of PR and Communication

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